Award Winner Prizes

Find below a breakdown of our Category Winner Prizes!prizes .

Category Winners will each receive:

  • An official Stunningly South African certificate recognising the achievement as the winner of the respective category, regionally or nationally.
  • An elegantly designed Stunningly South African winners badge and for their website and social media.
  • A lifetime entry into our winner’s hall of fame and archive.
  • Social media exposure on our all social media accounts recognising the achievement.
  • A lifetime 10% discounted featured listing rate with

Awards Contest Period: Entries will be accepted online starting on 11th September 2019 (00:01) and ending 31 August 2020 (23:59). All online voting must be received by 31 August 2020 (23:59).

Please find our terms and conditions here.

*Designs to be released 11th December 2019